We all know how much tragic it is to lose someone very important to us, not to mention that these are the people we value the most, we see as those who are special to us, and worst, kids who are young and so beautiful for the world. To contribute to Dylan Hockley’s death, a child with autism that died alongside with the other kids and people, we created this website to commemorate his life and death. This kid was exceptionally special and beautiful as well as the other children with him so we did our best to make this website possible. People from different places reached out to us so they could give their help which we received with a grateful heart.

However, as years pass by, people did not stop giving their help which only led us to plan to create other things that can give a positive effect on other people. We decided to use the donations given to create our own organization, with the consent of the donators and the families of the people included in the incident that happened from years ago. They agreed on us making an organization named under Dylan Hockley. The organization was created to reach out to people and children with down syndrome.

We ought to raise awareness and educate a lot of people about the issues concerned with this illness. Of course, situations like accidents in places such as in schools and other areas that may affect children. With the events we hold, programs we create, and projects we push, we were able to do our missions successfully. As a matter of fact, it only widened and expanded as years went by. From a website dedicated to children, we are now an organization that helps many people from different places, areas or even countries.

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