Hi, I have always wanted to give donations to Dylan Hockley but I don’t know if you still accept help from other people. Could you tell me if it is still possible to donate or give my personal help?

Hello, thank you very much for thinking about donating to us and sending us help. Yes, we still receive help and donations from other people since it will help us reach out to more people and do a lot of programs, hold more events, and raise more awareness about down syndrome. If you will give us your help personally through your participation, we will also be grateful so just send us your help and we will gladly accept them all.

How can I give help to your organization?

You may send your help through donations and you can also give help by joining the organization and participating with us whenever we hold such programs, events or projects. If you are going to donate, please click on the ‘donate’ tab at the top part of this website and carefully follow the instructions given there. However, if you are going to join us, please send us a message and tell us about your plans so we could discuss it and arrange everything. Whatever way you choose, we will gladly accept and receive it all with gratitude.

Do I have to make an account so I could post to your forum or it’s not necessary?

No, you are not required to create an account just so you could share anything you want on our forum. If you want to post, just simply go to the forum, drop your email and name so we could identify you and you’re more than ready to post a message, join the discussion, or share stories.

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