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Hello, I just wanted to tell you all that I was really grateful to the Dylan Hockley group for raising awareness about down syndrome. It was also a great thing that they held programs to reach out to people and let them know more about this kind of illness. As a sister of someone with autism, it really helped us when people from this organization reached out to us and helped us in any way they could. My mother and I are very thankful that you all managed to voice out about autism, let other people understand this more and be more open-minded and matured upon talking about this issue. Some people can take it lightly and see this illness as some joke but with you, Dylan Hockley, people were able to understand how we felt and especially how the kids who have this illness felt. Thank you so much for giving us your help and we hope that you will do more great things in the future!
Princess P.

Hi, Princess! I read your post and thought that we were just having the same ideas about Dylan Hockley and down syndrome. Like you, I’m very happy and thankful that organizations like this are more than willing to reach out to children with autism and their family. It really is a great thing that there are still people like them who would help us be aware of down syndrome and understand this illness more as well as be open about it.
Megan D.

Hello, ladies. I am from the Dylan Hockley organization and we would like to tell you that we are very happy to know that you were given help and awareness about down syndrome. We’re happy that we can help people like you and raise awareness as much as we can. Dylan Hockley will make sure to continue doing this even in the future.
Harry F.

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